imissbradandjen (imissbradandjen) wrote,

1. Have you ever been caught looking at questionable content by your parent/guardian?
Not yet, but I am afraid I possibly will.
sort o but not really, thank god

2. Did you have a bowel movement today?
Yes I did (thank u janny)
yes, actually. thanks for asking

3. Are you a virgin?
oh yeah...for now ;). jk...kind of

4. Have you given a blow job before? Did you use a condom?
No, i probably wouldn't because I don't know any guys who are not assholes
no but if i did i would use a condom

5. Do you know what a rim job is?
yes (once again thanks janny and urbandictionary)
yes thanks to a reading of a dirty fanfic lol

6. Have you hooked up with the teacher yet?
o course.....NOT
no, but i've wanted to

7. Are you a pothead?
god no! hugs not drugs
no, but i don't shun people who do do drugs, even though it's bad and whatnot

8. Are you in a school band?
hahahahahahahahhahahahaha if i was i would play tuba...LOL
i want to be in one, but i dont have the patience to practice, to be honest

9. Are you really cute and pale?
not really either
im pale

10. Are you an asshole who calls girls Chewbacca?
i was that girl
no, but i was like the girl being called Chewbacca, even though I was teased for a different reason
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